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Local Content Policy


Our local content policy is galvanized by our resolve to build a world class company managed by well-groomed Nigerian professionals.

It is our policy to comply with the Nigeria Content Directive of the FEDERAL REPULBLIC OF NIGERIA on local content., materials, suppliers and 

manpower from Nigeria and to make use of services and facilities, professional or otherwise which are rendered by Nigerians or companies

incorporated in Nigeria, except when after proper research, such services/facilities are not available in Nigeria.

To fully comply with the NCD directive, Grada-CP Limited policy and status on the above subject matter are to:

* Show commitment in meeting with the Nigerian Content targets of the Federal Government of Nigeria of achieving a minimum of 70% Nigerian

Content, in terms of total monetary expenditures through the deliberate utilization of Nigerian human and material resources without sacrificing

Safety, health and environmental standards.

* Create Employment for Nigerian engineers, skilled and unskilled personnel, and other professionals / artisans in the engineering, procurement and construction phase of all its projects.

* Show commitment by deliberate addition or creation of value in-country via capacity building of locals, Technology transfer programs, Technology mentorship programs, increasing physical operational presence and investment in Nigeria, creating opportunities in human resources, development of Nigerian contractors and suppliers and implementing various innovation that will increase Nigerian content development in Nigeria.

The Management, all and sundry shall work assiduously to abide by the above- mentioned policy and improve in our key performance indicators.

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